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Selling Value →

“Tune in to this fascinating episode of The Businessology Show as @clayton_phillip takes us on a deep-dive of what a brand truly is and how it reveals value!”

Practical Perspective on Brand Perception →

I believe holistically in the notion that brands are built by people for people if we strip away the business functions, and the design itself we are left with something else, a mist, essence, an intangible value.”

What’s in a logo? →

Most likely the name of a person is the first piece of information we have about them. The first point of contact is what to call another person, this is what we are told to address them by and often, a name is all we have for a while.”

Nodes of Design#43: Brand Design by Phillip J. Clayton →

In this episode of Nodes of Design, Phillip shared insights on Brand Design and its importance, and how young creative enter into brand design. He also spoke about the various Attributes of Brand Design?  And what are the steps involved in designing a brand? In the later part, we spoke about the various parameters to use to measure the success of failure of the brand that you designed.”

Brand Design & Development – A Theoretical Practical Process →

Every process of development that leads to a brand should be considered. Knowing the brand socially, for example, helps with understanding its personality, likes and dislikes. Every detail, no matter how small, can help with development. No one builds a brand, we define them. Join us in this article as we discuss Brand Design & Development – A Theoretical Practical Process”

Agency Voice - Brand Voice →

I started thinking, if we were to define Agency Voice as being able to speak up and be heard, in order to shape and share opinions that contribute to decisions for social impact. Whilst being able to make decisions and act upon them, in order to achieve desired outcomes for said social impact. Would that change the function and perspective of agencies?”

What is Product Branding →

“Guest Podcast: Phillip J. Clayton, A hybrid consultant, focusing on Art & Design, Business, and Marketing.

Creative Journey Ep.07 // What is Product Branding and Why is it Essential?”

Phillip Clayton discusses global trends and it's impact on Jamaica's design and creative community. →

“Phillip talks through the rise of on-demand features that eliminates TV commercials, AI, the nature of overselling through online ads and the pandemic and all the impacts on the design and creative community.

Phillip shares his views on the Burger King Women's Day print ad and and Twitter thread. →

“Managing a brand is not easy, consumers are tough judges. Anti-corporate types of people will look for reasons to chastise brands and show their “evil ways”, and the larger the brand the more vulnerable it is. “

Design is just a word... →

I recently saw the popular question “What is design?” posted somewhere. I have never been able to simply say design is X but not Y. The truth is, there will be many answers, and those answers will be subjective, the definitions are all based on individual experiences and perspectives.

What I often think about and arrive at is this…What is not design?”

Brand Bullshit... →

“I am not informed enough to say what brand bullshit is, I can possibly say what I think a brand isn’t, what I like and what I don’t like…but does it matter?”

“I Hate Ads…” →

“…the problems people have with ads are just not articulated or expressed properly. People don’t hate ads, they celebrate ads when they please their sensibilities…”

Remembering Brands — A short note →

“Brand’s and various services will be remembered after Covid-19 for good and bad experiences. The consumer is now looking for those who will help and are willing to pay for it…”

Consumerism. →

Brand loyalty isn’t something that’s dictated, consumers create an association with a product and service experience they like, by default forming trust that the brand has surpassed their expectations. The illusion of choice is a default result of brand and business success, it’s unavoidable. However, it can be disrupted by upcoming brands on their way to becoming giants.

“How close are we to catastrophic destruction?” →

Looking back at various books I bought in recent years, I know I made the right choices. Time, time may very well end in a tangible world, but in an otherwise intangible reality where the laws do not bend to our will, time is endless and ever moving forward. As a metaphor time can be used to induce change, and as I gave another read of Michael Beirut’s book ‘How To’, a fire is reignited, a love for communication, visual communication.”

Consumers don’t care, do it anyway! →

“A short bit inspired by a chat I had with a colleague — Negash Davidson — We got into a deep chat about brand perception and the misconceptions out there, essentially the yes and no answer as to why we define visual identities, yes and no it’s for the consumer, but most importantly it’s for the responsibility that comes with brand management.”

Be a great follower — Leadership →

I have never been concerned with whether the chicken or the egg came first, nor have I ever been preoccupied with the beginning of humanity. I was told a story growing up as a child, and I accepted that story because the alternatives were just as complex. I chose to accept that reality is often stranger than fiction…I know where I came from, my mother gave birth to me, whatever happened next was everything.

A ‘Television Entry’ — Brand Management →

“On some level, I share bits of my journey to make myself accountable, accessible, and hopefully a beacon of some form of motivation. In many ways, I am a cliche plucked directly from a movie about rebellious behavior, and figuring it out into adulthood. While arriving at the realization that we don’t have to fall in line in some things but in others, we must be functional and give on to Caesar what is his is.


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