Phillip J. Clayton  

Founding Partner | Creative Managing Director | Design Judge: | Writer | Art & Design  

Phillip is a visual artist, designer and creative consultant with 15+ years of experience working in the Creative Industry, Advertising & Marketing, and Design. His focus is on Brand Design & Development; vision, strategy, identity, and design solutions. He is inspired by people, passionate about teamwork and practices a holistic approach to delivering excellent creative solutions that drive business results. He is a member of the PAC Global Leadership Awards International Judging Commission, and a writer.

The right people make the difference, not the tools. 


Confidence to approach projects with paramount direction and problem-solving discipline. Through strategic associations and years of experience in a cross section of industries, we have been able to create access to a knowledge base from some of the best intelligence around the world.

We utilize our network well by selecting what we consider the best independent associates to collaborate on projects. Each associate has a specific set of skills that aid in the development process. Our team is global, which allows us the flexibility required to respond our clients’ needs.

Additional members may be added during a project’s development. We maintain total transparency should there be any dynamic change in the process.











Global Team   


  • 24 Programmers
  • 13 Marketing Professionals
  • 9 Analysts
  • 7 Strategy Consultants
  • 4 Graphic Designers
  • 4 Management Professionals
  • 2 Personal Assistants