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Our Work:

We were approached by Club Debut to help define a phenomenally known artist that inspired something larger than himself. A movement centred around love and life that impacted people far and wide. A graffiti appeared on a sidewalk that became so large it shadowed the artist. We were tasked with developing an identity to help represent a brand that ultimately represented the artist and all he does.

We developed an identity around an existing logo, a ubiquitous symbol that represented hope became a logo, originally grown into a brand. We only defined that brand, it was already existing.

Our work provided clarity of the Protect Yo Heart and Un, the artist behind the brand. We allowed for easy representation, asset management, and communication. The brand’s mission for strategic expansion as a platform for hope.


Global creative partner, Brand Design and Development, visual communication.

 Initially, I was just trying to connect souls, through my Art. In the black community…in the entrepreneur community…in the artist community…in the human community of broken souls…we often ignore the topic of mental health especially among the isolated and marginalized. For me, my Art has always been the answer. Finding the right words to express myself and reach and touch people a certain way was always my goal. Over the years, many have told me and written public testimonies about how seeing those words “Protect Yo HeART” on a mural in New York, or LA, or Miami or wherever, how it saved them… how it communicated with their soul… how my Art is here for a reason…that everyone needs to experience it. People want to believe in something. I want to help people believe in themselves. When you are at that breaking point, what you believe about yourself is the only thing that matters.


UnCuttArt Brand Case Study
Protect Yo Heart Brand Case Study